Cadman Race Soft Tissue Therapy

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage 50 Minutes - £32
A deeper massage to the soft tissues appropriate to new clients and those with multiple problem areas. Treatment may include passive stretching techniques being applied to the effected tissues.
Full Body Remedial Massage 75 minutes - £40
A Full Body Remedial Massage is ideal for those with a very busy lifestyle or who find it hard to relax. It can be tailored to meet your specific needs, you can even request the massage pressure you require. This massage is ideal for muscular aches and pains, muscular tension especially in the shoulders caused by the natural build up of toxins or just a feeling of general well being.
Lower Back, Shoulders and Neck Massage 50 minutes - £32
A relaxing massage that focuses on the Lower Back, Shoulders and Neck. The aim of this restorative treatment is to relieve tightness, knots and niggles in those areas that carry so much of the tension that modern day living leaves us with.
Deep Tissue Massage Bundle 5 x 50 minute Treatments - £125
Now available as a bundle of 5 massage treatments saving £35 on individual appointments. Deep Tissue Massage including sports massage and passive stretching techniques will allow the time to be given for significantly improved body conditioning and increased mobility.

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